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Below and to the right are descriptions, a few screenshots and links to examples of work done as New Media/PR Intern with Washington Freedom of Women’s Professional Soccer:

Match photo galleries (every one since May 30th match):
  • sorting through photos on-site and on
  • choosing the best to tell the game story
  • using Photoshop to crop and adjust pictures
  • populating Sitecore CMS with photos, captions and correct photo credits

Graphic creation for site and E-mail newsletter:
  • site design calls for each story file to have a large graphic, sized to fit in a headline-style “news module” and when viewed on a single page
  • collaborate with staff to produce weekly (at least) e-mail newsletter sent to subscribers
  • used Photoshop to construct graphics
  • creating the graphics involved assembly of all the proper logos and images, writing copy, design of the graphic including typeface (some pre-existing templates did exist)
  • graphics had to conform to established site and team requirements/established MailChimp and team requirements
Examples to complete e-mail newsletters I’ve done can be found here and here.

Below is a graphics example. I created all four graphics (the smaller images to the right of the larger image) in this front page news module.
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